Stellungnahme der ESE zur Initiative gegen Tierversuche

The central role of animal testing in drug development and the identification and assessment of endocrine disrupting chemicals

ESE Statement following European Citizens Initiative on Animal Testing (ECI(2021)000006)

The European Society of Endocrinology (ESE) feels compelled to comment on the recently adopted European Citizens Initiative (ECI) on “Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics - Commit to a Europe without animal testing". As part of the Biomed Alliance in Europe it has already provided input on the third part of the initiative “Modernise science in the EU.” As pointed out in the Biomed Alliance in Europe statementi, the proposed phase-out of all animal testing in the EU will have a detrimental effect on biomedical research and will significantly hinder the search for new insights into the characteristics and progress of diseases and the development of life saving treatment options for patients.

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